Bittescombe Lodge, Somerset
West Country Blacksmiths

Bittescombe Lodge and Deerpark was developed into a unique luxurious 10 bedroom countryside retreat in rural Somerset. 
As part of the development, West Country Blacksmiths were invited to bespoke design a large variety of metalwork which included one pair of automated gates, two pairs of gates,  two personel gates, four balconies, large sections of railings and the main sign for the lodge. 
Having considered all finishing options, the craftsmen of West Country Blacksmiths chose to use galvanising for these aspects of the project to the long term rust protective qualities and  hard-wearing nature galvansing offers. This allowed all the metalwork to have one consistent finish across all aspects including the balcony flooring and heavy wearing gate components such as drop bolts, latches and hinges which if finished by othermeans are prone to damage and wear.  
The galvanise has been treated with an antique acid etch to darken the galvanise surface and then polished to help highlight the handcrafted details and textures created by the craftsmen.  

Photographs © Sue Vaughton Photography
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