The Battersea Roundabout Sculpture, London
Littlehampton Welding
The sculpture is designed by WEA architects, engineered by FORMAT engineers, Fabricated by us Littlehampton Welding Ltd (LWL), galvanised by Joseph Ash (Medway), Painted and installed by Littlehampton Welding Ltd (LWL). It’s located within the second phase of the Battersea Power Station regeneration project and situated on the roads roundabout. The sculpture itself is currently unnamed and is referred to as the “Battersea Roundabout Sculpture.”
In essence it’s a contemporary representation of the smoke flumes that were previously exhausted from the historical site of Battersea Power Station. LWL were approached to deliver this sculpture within an extremely tight programmed period. From cradle to grave this project was undertaken engineered, fabricated and installed within 12weeks. It comprises of seven separate parts mostly weighing over one metric ton each, these are bolted together at three locations on each piece. The structure is made up of three circular hollow sections rolled at various radii to create it’s basic shape. Moreover, various sized and thickness laser cut bespoke fin plates are welded and set equal distances to create the ribbed structure. The base is made up of structural steel sections with a rolled perimeter angle that houses and lighting system for night time illuminations. 
Each part of the structure was split into two to aide in galvanising bath size restraints. Due to the quoted lead time Medway were able to slot LWL into their schedule on the basis that these items were within their designed parameters. Post galvanising the items were joined back together prior to their paint application. Overall the sculpture stands 5.1m high and is over 10m wide. It’s shotblasted, galvanised and painted grey.
Photographs © Littlehampton Welding Ltd
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