The Vikings Project, Lincolnshire
Bill & Peach

The Vikings project was a private commission for a school in Lincolnshire whose logo is a Viking ship.
The brief was to construct a 3D sculpture to fix to a curved wall in an enclosed courtyard of the school that would in effect be safely guarded from any vandalism, enabling us to add much more delicate metalwork details to the sculpture.

The construction is made from mild steel that was hot dip galvanised and then the galvanised surface was treated with metal patternation fluid. The main  structure then had various copper and brass parts fitted afterwards. 

All 5 separate parts (4 vikings and boat) were transported to Lincolnshire from our workshop in North Devon and the boat was fixed to the curved wall, then the vikings were each in turn bolted into their final places in the boat . 

The project was very successful project and the patrons were delighted . 

Photographs © Bill & Peach Shaw
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